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Welcome to Quizbiz, Fun on the web. Here you can play over 1000 games and read tons of jokes all for free!!!This website grows all the time so dont forget to check out the latest site updates.

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A small word from the Quizbiz creator.
         I started after I made A website that was based very little on fun and more about my persinality. After thai I wanted to make a good and  popular  website  that  would make  people  happy. And  so  I  made this website. Currantly, this website has two members, Nir, which is  me,  I am the president and ceo of this website and someone who  likes the  website and she is the vice president. The website NEEDs  more  people to help make Quizbiz inc. better so if you are willing to help  volentaraly please e-mail me by clicking here, thanks for your time.

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Important NEWS:
1) New URLs for quizbiz inc. for quizbiz home and for the message board
2) The message board will be officialy open on January 1st but you can see it and post in it now. click here to see the message board .
3) The new version of Mario's Quest is finished, its 1.1 click here to see.

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